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Mobile Friendly Websites

Time moves on and never has this been more apparent with regard to the internet than in the era of mobile devices. There was a time when all you needed was a website with some traffic visiting your main webpage and you were current, popular and keeping up with the times. Once you had built up a reasonable online following that was enough and let's face it, back in the day the numbers viewing websites were so small that it didn't really matter. Fast forward to modern times however and it is now obvious that an online presence is expected when running your business.

There has been a complete transition with use of laptops, tablets, mobile phones becoming a large part of the online shopping experience. Even in shopping centres advertising has changed as people sitting in the isles are more likely to be focused on their phones than they are on decorative shop window displays. If you have a business putting up a sign for example is now less than half of the work needed to attract customers. If you don't have some sort of online business presence you are building a bypass around your business. As more time passes the traffic on this bypass will become busier while business becomes slower.

The importance of realizing that online advertising can help your business is a major step towards building a new customer base, so let's go through some tips to make your business visible online.

Tips to Make Your Business Visible Online

Things don't have to be complicated. You don't have to have email sign ups or subscription lists to move forward.

Just a good well constructed website that adjusts to the different available screen sizes will be a big step forward.

Make sure your website suits all devices.

If your website doesn't adjust to various screen sizes it won't be visable on phones, tablets or on a laptop when the window size is adjusted and it's more than likely that you will lose search engine rankings because of this.

Search engines want their users experience to be good so they will put forward their most current and best performing webites. A website design that doesn't adjust for smaller devices will quickly lose rankings.