Keepsafe Terms

Keepsafe provides a number of products and services and connects people with companies that provide products and services. When a person or persons have requested information about a product or service advertised on our website that we don't directly supply we pass on the request as a refferal to suitable companies that advertise on our website. Keepsafe also provides information and contacts to the general public on behalf of our advertising companies.

We use information for the purposes of providing a person with what they have specifically asked for. We don't use mailing lists or contact people with what we think they might need. Once an enquiry has been received by us the enquirer will be contacted by companies only relative to the enquiries requested and relative to the location of the enquirer.

If the product or service is provided by a company or person who advertise through our website, once we have established a connection between this advertiser and the person requesting a product or service Keepsafe is no longer involved and any business dealings or contracts are between the company and customer as normal. While we work with companies and customers which have been referred by us to ensure the best service and support we are independant of these companies and their dealings with customers.